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it's 6:00 and that's history in the making. will the shuttle take off at 11:26 this morning. they're fueling it up and there's weather in the area. sharon's watching the ground based traffic. marty has the weather. >> reporter: florida needs the rain. taking a look at first warning doppler weather radar, we have the area here.
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we all, not just north or south, will see thunderstorms. 85ality lunch and on the way to 85. we have a umbrella effect and a cool and damp day. frankly, one we've needed for a while. don, take it away. here's sharon at traffic control. hi, don, good morning. a lot of problems this morning. one on 100. watch for that on 100 eastbound at telegraph road and one at evergreen and holly. we have a downed tree at jarredsville. one on jarredsville pike. fire activity on shoester road. another downed tree in columbia. that's clarksville pike.
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all lanes blocked there. in the city, dolphin street is closed. that's for art scape. there's a look at your drive times and the speeds. heading to and from the beach, looking good. that's route 50 and the bay bridge. for traffic information any time, go to don, back to you. here's what people are talking about this morning. the thunderstorms that went through the area. that means a lot of work in a few places. lands down is one and andrea fujii is there live now. >> reporter: good morning, i'm standing on top of someone's roof that blew off last night. i spoke with a neighbor. he saw, last night, these two suvs fly up because of the wind. someone else' roof flew underneath. the storm came through fast and hit hard.
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it left a path of destruction through central maryland. trees and power lines were ripped down and shingles littered parking lots. it was a lot of rain and it got loud. the next thing you know, it was commotion. >> reporter: it was the same scene in dundalk. residents say they were blind sited. >> it was nice and sunny, then it was windy and dark and all hail broke loose. it was small hail. >> reporter: a massive tree was topple and lightning was the culprit. the storm system was isolated. some had to abandon their homes. >> i rented a bed and i heard a boom. they said it could have been a tornado. the roof claim flying into the window. my son, he dug us out.
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>> reporter: live in lands down, here's another home badly damaged. 20 families in lansdowne and dundalk had to evacuate and leave their homes. >> 132 bge customers are still without power. storms are putting a damper -- damper on the final space shuttle launch. they're going to lift off at 11:26. there's a 70% chance of storms. the officials could still postpone the mission. here's the latest with wjz. >> reporter: atlantis is getting fueled up and ready to go. the count down resumed. >> reporter: nasa moved ahead despite of the launch.
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>> we have a 70% chance of weather prohibiting the launch. >> reporter: heavy rains happened thursday and a lightning strike sparked concerns near the launch pad. atlantis and the astronautings will haul food and supplies to the international space station to keep it stocked through 20 -- >> reporter: some say there will be a million people here. >> she came from georgia to watch the last glimpse of atlantis. >> reporter: she's seen all of the apollo missions. >> i would like to feel the ground quake and hear the noise. i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: for some like mike perish, the moment is bittersweet. >> this is going to be a little bit emotional, i think.
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>> reporter: nasa's closing out the program to begin a new journey in deep space exploration. joel brown, wjz, eyewitness news. and wjz will keep an eye on the launch for you. we'll bring you updates on the mission on air and online. it looks like casey anthony will be behind bars four days longer than we thought. she was sentenced to jail for four years. then they recall cuelated the time. she'll be released sunday after next. she was acquitted earlier in the week. many are out raged. >> you know, we started the case, we believed in what we thought she did. we respect the jury's verdict, it doesn't change how we feel about the facts and what they
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meant. >> she didn't report her daughter's disappearance for a month. one lawmakers is prompted to draft a new legislation. you have to report a missing child in a timely fashion. and maryland voters will have the final say in deciding whether the children of illegal aliens can get in state tuition rates. in may, the bill was signed into law. the state board of elections said that the oh upon -- opponents had enough signatures on a pea -- petitions to put the issue on referendum. john mackey played for the colts in the 70s. he was a part of the
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championship. he was the first president of the nfl player's association and his wife dells -- tells us how she's coping with her loss. >> it's not like all of a sudden he was killed or something was unexpected. i understood dementia and the direction it was going in. you just hope it takes longer than it does. >> john mackey, number 88, dead at the age of 69. the orioles are looking to break a losing streak tonight after another ugly loss at fenway park. buck showalter had a reason to be nervous. by one swing and a three run shot, that was one of the 6th homers for the red sox. the birding -- the birds fall,
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10-4. they've lost six of seven. see the birds taking on the red sox, sunday afternoon at 1:30. again, that's live, here at wjz- 13. we have gotten good rain. man, we needed it big time. >> at first, i thought i was going to get missed again last night. >> don and i live on the same latitude, if you will. two nights ago the dynamic was primarily south. i was looking down at the clouds. you could see the lightning on the clouds, we were missed. last night, it was changed to north. over the past few nights, we've gotten shower activity we've needed. we were at rock hall last weekend. centerville and chestertown and rock hall.
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i'll tell you something interesting about corn. when corn is dry, the stalk sticks straight up. normally, it's like this, hanging as you see it. when corn gets really dry, the stalks go straight up in the air. the plant, believe it or not, whatever it's trying to do is trying to save its life. all of the corn was like this. i said, these folks really need rain. well, we have low pressure meandering around the region. we'll have widespread showers and thundershowers. what we've got going on from noon to 8:00 because of rain that's fallen and rain expected to fall this day is a flood watch in effect for the 8 hour period. we'll go for a high of 85
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degrees today. clouds are keeping us cool and we'll have a damp feel, particularly later on. we'll be back with sharon gibala and traffic control and we'll look at the first warning weather. we have monster jam tomorrow night. that's a huge event. there will be 50, 60,000 people there. baltimore is on a big roll here, folks. one day, we may even play ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hint,
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i was at a birthday celebration in little river. everyone was wearing orange. i thought, isn't it great wearing bright colors. before not too long, everyone will go into the "i look cool in wearing black look." clear skies, not necessarily,
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but a clear radar scan. what was lingering shower activity from overnight rain is now gone. 71 degrees from tv hill. it just seems like the rain, areawide knocks the dirt out of here. it's a more comfortable feel. 70 hagerstown and 71 elkton. the district at 77 and 76 pax river. 2 shy of 80, ocean city. and greater columbia, 71 and upper 70s, rock hall and annapolis and kent siled. we have a stalled front. that will allow the moisture to rub along it. that will be north, south and areawide. we'll get a few gusty thunderstorms later on. we'll move into the weekend and next week. today, a high of 85 degrees. frankly, a gray, cool day. some rain and a nice break from
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the summer feel. tomorrow, back to summer. no complaints saturday with a high of 90, clouds and sun. we'll keep it sunny and in the low 90s, upper 80s. 6:16, any monster jams on the way to work? >> no jams. in fact, we cleared up the accidents we have. we have downed trees left from the overnight storms. two are in the squaresville area -- jarredsville way. one on poplar hill. that's also blocking all lanes. we have fire activity in the area on route 23 and salem street. one more in columbia. that's route 108 between elliots cove and centennial lane. dolphin street is closed for art scape.
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this is until july 19th. meantime, there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. no real issues if you're heading out there. there's a live look at the westside out there at old court road. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. marty and don, back to you guys. we're going live to the russell street coliseum. ryan anderson is joining us. we have monster jam. i searched you guys on the internet, you're all over youtube. >> good morning. >> what are you doing up so early? >> we don't know. we really don't know. we're out here, we're checking the track out. we were supposed to have the trucks out here last night. it's muddy out here. the guys are coming out and getting the track dried up. they have a lot of work ahead of them. we'll be ready to go tomorrow
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night. >> i'm looking at the field, have you been at m&t before? >> no, this is our first event here. hopefully, we'll blow it out and have a great event. basically, all of the big named trucks will be here. it should be crazy. it will be the best show ever in baltimore by for. once we take this thing off, we'll get the track ready and get everything ready, we'll get in the zone. it will be bilge -- bigger than anything. >> where do you live? >> the north carolina, virginia line on the ocean. >> red skin or panther fans? >> man, it's tough. we're around a lot of football stuff, we don't watch it, we're here tearing their grass up. >> what a safe answer, redskin fan. >> i would think a muddy track just made for more fun.
6:19 am
>> it is. you can get away with a lot more things. >> we'll get bigger air. the guys will get it dried out and i'm excited. it's made everyone excited, us being up this early. we're here and you know, we're excited. we're excited to do this and it will be the first time in the stadium. we won't really tear the grass up, they have it covered up and we're good to go. hopefully, we'll bang it up and not tear the grass up and have an awesome show. >> don't worry about it, there's no season yet. >> yeah. two weeks ago, i was sitting there watching u2 and now, we've converted it into an amazing facility for monster jam. how many yards of dirt are in there? >> the amount of dirt they
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bring in and how fast they do it, it's crazy. you'll come in one day and it's totally, beautiful grass, football stadium field and the next day, well, not even that, that afternoon, you come in and there's dirt and jumps everywhere. it's quick and it's crazy. >> truthfully, they would have been done had it not been for the weather. >> well, it looks great and so do you. thank you. grave digger, son of a digger. have a great time in baltimore. i think we're expecting 50 plus thousand people tomorrow night. remember your cups and all. you'll have a wonderful saturday night. >> we're happy to see everyone at 7:30 and pit party at 2:30. >> dynamite, thank you, man. class acts, thank you for being with us. see you later, bye bye.
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it's going to rock down there. >> there's no doubt about that. >> this is the same as having a nascar event in town. they were just in philly, sold out in length. it has its own circuit not unlike nascar. therr d the i -- and that's the irl. >> and he's driving grave digger or son of grave digger. >> grandson of digger. >> second cousin of digger. >> gene pool of digger. well, we have a lot of crabs around here. we want to see your crazy crab related photos. e-mail them to us at and look at them as part of a big crabby slide show. ,,,,,, [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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all right, good morning. is my earphone sticking out? makes it look like this is tv. >> mix 106.5. [ laughter ] >> now, i'm getting a police
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scanner. we have a flood watch in effect. that's because of the rain that's fallen and the rain expected today. that's much needed rain. watershed is packed we'll watch it for you. we should have a few thunderstorms for you. we'll end up with a great weekend. 85 is the high. tomorrow and sunny, the same forecast. thank you, coming up next on wjz-13: >> reporter: good morning, how could phylicia barnes' murder be tied to a child pornography investigation. >> reporter: i'm andrea fujii in landsdown. ash powerful storm and a look at the damage left behind from the wicked weather. i'm sharon gibala here with wjz, traffic control. if you're heading out, we have problems due to the storm. that's in a few minutes.
6:26 am
coming up, we have actor chris north. of course, big from "sex and the city." he's a big guy, he's lending his celebrity to diabetes. he talks to us at 6:45, after this. somebody help! [ gasps ] my hero! anyone can be a hero with the new captain america cherry coolatta from dunkin'. get yours for a limited time only. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in today for your first avenger tri-cup while supplies last.
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good morning, we'll have enough clouds to keep the temperatures in the 80s today. so, we'll lose the chance of morning rain before not too
6:30 am
long. actually, it will be calm before the next few hours. we'll crank it up again though. more widespread this afternoon and evening. thank you, did i mention, it's 63:06:78 it now is -- it's 63:06:78 it now is. -- it's 6:30. well, we have downed trees this morning. that's blocking roads at merryman's. that's blocking all lanes. paper mill road is the best bet. your alternate is shyster road. that's the westside of the beltway. no issues on the topside, either. inner and outer road are empty. we'll find quality cars and trucks. you'll save more in the long run.
6:31 am
back to you, don. at the top of the news, new developments in the unsolved murder of phylicia barnes. fbi agents are pursuing a child pornography investigation tied to phylicia barnes' facebook accounts. >> reporter: 16-year-old phylicia barnes disappeared in late december while visiting her sister in baltimore. it stock marketed a search that ended in april when her naked body was found in the susquehanna river. >> they believe it's important to the integrity of the information to with hold much of the information now. >> reporter: now, the court reports show that they're looking at pornography accounts. in these applications, authorities ask to search four
6:32 am
facebook accounts and six yahoo accounts and one america online e-mail account for evidence of crime. affidavits are sealed. phylicia barnes' father said they were aware of the search warrants for months. it was part of a thorough investigation for the police. >> we're trying to figure out who did it and why so it won't happen to no one else. >> reporter: these warrants were filed on may 10th. no word on if they provided any useful information. and you can read more about this case in the baltimore sun. police in georgia are retracing their step, trying to solve the murder of a howard
6:33 am
county there. the 27-year-old from howard county went missing on june 25th. the police are using search dogs and they found parts of her body. she apparently had a bright future. >> she never got sworn in as a practicing attorney, but she was practicing as a third year law see student. no arrests are made and there are several persons of interest. people all around are assessing the damage from the storms from last night. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. 20 families in dundalk were evacuated because of the storm damage. this is now deemed too
6:34 am
dangerous to live in. the storm came through fast and hit hard, leaving a path of destruction through the area. trees and power lines knocked down, roofs ripped off houses and shingles littered parking lots. >> it was windy and got loud. the next thing you know, there was a lot of commotion. >> reporter: it was the same thing in dundalk. residents say they were blind sited. >> it was nice and sunny, then it was windy and dark and all hail broke loose. we started out with small hail and then it went up to a quarter. >> reporter: a massive tree was toppled and lightning is expected to be the culprit. this was enough to force some to abonn don -- abandon their homes. >> they say it was a tornado or
6:35 am
something. it busted the window threw. i wouldn't get out the door. my other son dug us our. >> reporter: there were no reported injuries. don, back to you. the red cross set up a shelter for those displaced. police in baltimore county are asking for your help catching a cereal arsonist. >> i'm scared to go to sleep. i leave the lights on. i leave my bedroom light on. i'm scared to go to sleep. >> reporter: the most recent fire destroyed a shed and a roof a of a business. the same person is responsible for other arsons in the area. a judge rules the civil case against the robocall's
6:36 am
case can go forward. it encouraged democratic voters to stay home. a judge denied his request for the civil case. arraignment is scheduled for later on this month. the parents a after teen killed by stray voltage continue to do what they have to to make sure it never happens again. the family urged the city, state and private companies to check for voltage on a regular basis. >> reporter: four years ago, this teen touched a fence and an exposed wire was touching the fence underground. it killed her. her parents are intent on having the city take action. the rule would work to have surveys done of the baltimore, maryland area to find the stray
6:37 am
contact electricity. >> reporter: they attended a hearing at the commission to come up with a survey schedule to identify areas with stray contact and electricity. >> children and people are all over the city and the infrom structure isn't what it used to be. >> reporter: wjz investigated the problem, riding along with a company that detected stray voltage. aging and decaying wires and light hole and manhole covers pose a risk for anyone. >> we're asking them to find a problem. then, come back and do another survey to see if there are any more problems. >> reporter: some say that conducting more than one survey a year is too expensive. >> we've paid for this with the life of our daughter. >> reporter: private companies are all required to maintain
6:38 am
the underground wires. i'm jessica kartalija, wjz, eyewitness news. anything over 50-volts can be deadly, depending on the average. some good signs this morning for those hoping for a full nfl season. espn is reporting they're growing closer to a collective agreement. they're still trying to work out how to handle free agencies. both sides hope that the frame work for the deal can get done by the end of the day. derek jeter is inching closer to a new record. he's two hits shy of his 3000th for his career. he would be the first ever to reach the 3000 mark while wearing yankee pinstripes. and you think about the greats,
6:39 am
the class and all of the honor playing for the yankees. i he's the first to do 3000? i'm amazed. look, the guy's in my hall of fame just for who he dates. want to talk about him? >> there you go. >> well, huge round of applause for derek valcourt. number 2. let's take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. what we're seeing is a clear scan. not necessarily clear skies. this shows an area of low pressure moving along what's a stalled boundary. we'll have widespread showers and thunderstorms late owner -- later on. we've all gotten a bit of moisture we needed because of the moisture and rain having fallen and what's expected to fall. we have a flood watch in effect. we'll go for a high of 85
6:40 am
degrees today and we'll come back and take a look at a darn good weekend. >> yay! >> this is chris norton. he's starring in "the good wife." he's lending his name to diabetes. he doesn't have diabetes, but there's a personal connection. we'll explain coming up on the morning edition, after this. ,,,
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>> >> it's warm and humid. it's another stuffy morning and it's more comfortable. the rain did something. atmosphere is more relaxed barometer has fallen. it's the same temperature as this time yesterday morning. mid-60s in western maryland and 68 in hagerstown and low 70s up the 95 corridor. 77 in d.c. and 78 ocean city and easton and pax river at 75. upper 70s at annapolis and columbia and bel air, low 70s and 68-degrees in westminster. we have a front stalling over the area. that's allowing the moisture to run along it today.
6:44 am
today, more widespread rain. this is going to clear out rather quickly. we have a pressure from the great lakes. it's going to govern the weather. we're not getting into a cooler flow but a stable flow. gray, cool, damp at times. kind of a bit of a relief. slow clearing overnight and tomorrow, 90 and a mixture of clouds and sun. we'll keep it into the low 90s throughout the week. thank you, what awaits you on the way to work this morning? here's sharon with more. >> well, we have a few problems out there. we have an accident in towson involving a pedestrian. watch for it on central and west pennsylvania. we have the downed trees to talk about. that's on old york and paper mill. another one on merry man mill road. take paper mill instead. and we have fire activity on route 23 on shyster road.
6:45 am
no delays there. that's looking nice on the topside at harford road. everything's looking good on the westside of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota deal. you toyota dealer. marty and don, back to you guys. this morning's coffee with is with chris norton. ladies and gentlemen, want to welcome chris and dr. sylvia. great to have you guys. chris, we'll get to you in a second. how important is it to have a guy like chris on your team? does it put that much more awareness on diabetes? >> absolutely. >> can the medical community not bust through a wall? >> absolutely. when stars like chris come out and help us, it's a big impact
6:46 am
on people in the real world. they'll listen to him more than me sometimes. that's why we need the celebrities to help us. without them, we couldn't get it done. having people recognize diabetes, they share their own stories. there are people with diabetes and chris doesn't have them, but he helped a friend with diabetes. these stories really sell the point that people have to watch what they're doing to control the diabetes and getting treated and tested and so forth. >> so, they come to you. when they came to you, chris, how tough was it to make up your mind. you're a busy guy. >> i experienced a friend who, well, suffers from diabetes and at a time when i didn't know much about it. now that i do, if he hadn't
6:47 am
been in denial for a few years or had the where with all to get the information and see the symptoms, we could have gotten to him where he was still prediabetic and he wouldn't have to be object med -- on the medication. that's fine that he is, but i was yelling, you have to get to a gym, but that's not enough. you have to know and you have to deal with the diets. when he finally got tested and he was way down the line, he was full blown diabetes. he has since turned his life around and he has to take the medication and watch it all of the time. >> we're talking about a website that gets to the prediabetic without symptoms.
6:48 am
the doctor was saying, it's a silent disease. you can feel like you're okay. it doesn't mean you're not prediabetic. one in twelve people have it. 26million people don't know they have it. a one in third. that qualifies as something you have to be aware of and be tested for, in the same way you test to see if you have high cholesterol. >> let me interrupt you. this is the first time i've seen an initiative like this for diabetes. >> correct, we have to be aggressive now. it's epidemic. the statistics that have come out are that by the year 2050, if we don't cut this off, it's expected to be one in three
6:49 am
americans will have diabetes. >> oh, that's huge! we have 45 seconds left. why one out of three? is it all diet or exercise or what? >> number one is americans are getting fatter and fatter every day. we're not watching our diets and eating too many carbs and processed foods. we have to get back into the stick of exercise and watching our diet and getting our weights down and getting in control of our lives and we can stop the progression in its path. >> hey, chris, we have a few seconds up. what are you working on new now? >> well, i finished a broadway play. i'm going back to "the good wife" in july. i'm working on a mini series
6:50 am
for starz. >> you made "my one and only." in my neighborhood. you were the nicest actor in the group, the neighbors said. >> not trying to embarrass you, but that's the right thing, it speaks volumes. >> i was the guy in work boots and tiny denim shorts. the guy chasing me? >> yeah, that was me, too. >> we really, honestly appreciate it. >> chris, we'll see you later. denim cut offs. not shorts. >> i was trying to get you off the hook. i was doing my lawn and we talked. >> how tiny were the shorts? >> short enough that i wouldn't wear them again. i saw the ,,,,,,,,,,
6:51 am
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we have clear skies and that thing could be lit up good, soon. we're going for a high of 85 degrees. we could see a few thunderstorms later on. we're in the low 70s now. overnight, slow clearing and 68. tomorrow and sunny, basically the same forecast and clouds and sun. a high of 90. it's a good weekend. now, over to sharon gibala. hey, there, marty, good
6:54 am
morning, everyone. we have two accidents and two downed trees. watch for it on central avenue at west pennsylvania. another accident in the city. downed tree on old uf road. another one on merryman mill road. take paper mill road instead. no delays if you're heading out on the main roads. there's a look at the westside. still, no issues at the topside either. this is brought to you by h.h. gregg. come in today and see why they have the largest selection and lower prices and smarter associates. thank you, share -- sharon, more than 2000 bge customers are without power. many are surprised by the severity of the storms. several were forced out of
6:55 am
their homes. the red cross set up a shelter for those displaced. new developments in the unsolved murder of phylicia barnes. fbi agents are pursuing a child pornography accusation. her body was found in the susquehanna. police in macon georgia are trying to solve the murder of a girl there. the 27-year-old disappeared on june 25th. the police in baltimore county are asking for your help finding a serial arsonist. the most recent fire was set on sunday. the police believe that one is
6:56 am
responsible for other arsons in the same area. maryland voters will have a final say as to whether the children of some illegal aliens get instate tuition rates. the board of elections determined that opponents of the dream act have enough signature -- signatures to put the bill up for referendum in november. john mackey played tight end for nine seasons for the colts. he was a big part of the 1971 super bowl win. he was the first president of the player's association. he was number 88, dead at the age of 69. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station.
6:57 am
complete news, weather and traffic ahead this morning. ,,,,
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